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Carefully consider the Fund's investment objectives, risk, and charges and expenses. This and other information can be found in the Fund's prospectus, and associated statement of additional information, which can be obtained by calling 212-702-3129 or by clicking here. Please read the prospectus and associated statement of additional information carefully before investing.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of principal. In addition to the normal risks associated with investing, international investments may involve risk of capital loss from unfavorable fluctuation in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from social, economic or political instability in other nations. These risks are heightened in emerging markets. Please see the prospectus for a complete discussion of the risks applicable to the Fund. Investments in smaller companies typically exhibit higher volatility. There is no guarantee that each Fund’s investment objective will be met.

The Winton Fund referenced on this site is distributed in the United States by SEI Investments Distribution Co., One Freedom Valley Drive, Oaks, PA 19456.