About Winton

Why Invest

  • Led by David Harding, who has been at the forefront of systematic investment for over 25 years,* having founded two of the world’s leading quantitative investment firms.
  • Employs over 100 Research and Data staff continually working on enhancements to Winton's investment systems.
  • Manages assets on behalf of some of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and global financial institutions, as well as wholesale clients.
  • Over 400 employees, with offices in London, Oxford, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich.

Investment Philosophy

Winton’s investment solutions are based on the belief that profitable investment opportunities can be identified through the application of advanced statistical and pattern recognition techniques to large datasets.

Such systems employ forecasts or signals that are typically weak and barely distinguishable from noise. Consequently, Winton focuses much of its efforts on establishing the statistical significance of signals and devising appropriate risk and cost controls.

Winton believes more reliable investment decisions can be made using statistical inference from empirical evidence than deductive reasoning from economic axioms.

Investment Systems

Winton's investment systems are the product of nearly two decades of applying science, technology and statistical research to investment management. The systems combine forecasts of returns, volatilities and correlations with estimates of transaction costs to arrive at daily investment decisions.

David Harding
David Harding Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Winton Group Limited

David Harding is the Founder of Winton and CEO of Winton Group Limited. He is an Executive Director of Winton Group Limited and chairs the Executive Committee.

Since graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences, he has started two of the world's leading quantitative investment companies: AHL and Winton.

David's philanthropy focuses on promoting scientific research and science education. His notable endowments include the Winton Chair for the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University, the Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability at the Cavendish Laboratory, the Harding Centre for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and the Maths Gallery at the Science Museum in London. He is an honorary fellow of the Science Museum and St Catherine's College in Cambridge.

* As of 12/31/2015, including AHL, founded in 1987