Systematic Investing

Investment Approach

Winton's approach to investment management consists of treating the investment universe as a large body of data within which Winton can search for patterns and structures that give rise to a small degree of predictability. Such small informational “edges” can be exploited by composing fairly complex portfolios of strategies that are applied, through time, in a consistent and sufficiently disciplined fashion to allow for a profitable outcome to ensue.

Systematic Process

Finding such patterns involves organizing and analyzing data, using mathematical and statistical methods similar to those employed by astrophysicists when researching cosmic phenomena or particle physicists in their quest for the Higgs Boson. This explains why many of Winton’s scientists have been trained in these fields.

The core of Winton’s research effort is directed at identifying explanatory variables which could form the basis of profitable investment strategies.

Winton's investment systems operate a diverse range of systemic approaches making use of different types of market relevant data.

Dedicated Research Team

Over one quarter of our employees are in research and technology roles focused on statistical and computational modelling of data. Winton recruits highly qualified scientists and engineers that are organized into an efficient and multi-disciplinary Research team.

Consistent, Risk-Adjusted Returns

Our aim is to generate consistent risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long term. To this end, our sophisticated models capture a wide range of risk factors, seeking to provide insulation from market shocks and helping to make our returns more stable.